My love life in college consisted of several serial relationships. Mostly with upper classmen. They would last a couple of months and then I became mentally bored with them. I even experimented with my feminist side. I knew I was curiously bisexual and the obvious situation presented it self on an afternoon at the spa. Three weeks into that relationship I broke that off. The physical part was ok but emotionally there was no connection.

After I graduated I was lucky enough to work with a delivery nurse at a local clinic. That is where I met Jack. We took care of two years of getting to know each other, in five weeks. We moved in together and shortly after I found myself pregnant. After getting off to a rocky start, "I didn't think we would last. Believing I would get bored and Jack had lied to me about his smoking habit." Jack's jealousy. He was unlucky in love, dating a string of girlfriends who cheated on him."

Now two and a half years later, we are absolutely in love and definitely going to be staying together, and I could not be happier. As a couple with a child we had to confront difficult issues. From tackling housing and finances to articulating are needs and expectations.

We don't have a lot of money to socialize with our friends. A night out for us is rare. Un-like our friends we need to cover the cost of a baby sitter as well as the drinks, dinner and concert tickets. That is before we met and hired the women who lives alone across the parking lot from our apartment. At first she charged the normal fee for us to have a night alone. Our date nights would start about 7 Pm and end a bit after midnight. Because of those time restraints we stayed pretty close by. Jacks birthday was coming up, and I wanted to do something special for him. Like spend a whole night and into the next morning at a resort. The cost of the room was $119.00. Add the sales tax to that. I had to find out what the over night cost might be for our nanny. I had baked Banana bread the night before and as always baked a second for her. My plan was to take it to her, and at that time discuss the extra cost for an over night babysitting.

To my pleasant surprise, she suggested and I agreed she wanted a threesome with Jack and me.

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