Insemination of my wife.
She is 31 years old while I am 52. Neither of us have been parents. We read several books on Conception Strategies. I think we tried them all over a six month time period. She was reluctant to use fertility drugs or other interventions until we have tried all the natural means. In our lovemaking her cervical mucus flowed from her pussy and coated my beard. We read that is crucial for a successful vaginal insemination. Ultimately we had to admit is must be me. I am shooting blanks.

I am the one who suggested a bottle of wine and turkey baster. We started to research sperm banks. My wife could not wrap her mind around using an anonymous donor's sperm. I had a problem with the cost. This is our story. You may disagree with the concept of another male inseminating your wife and that is OK. This way we got to interview, select and set limits. We put our plan into effect right away.

My wife had ended her period just two days before. Counting from that date, her body temperature should dip on the 16th day. Our plan is to have our donor come to our home on day 17 or 18. I had a few guys from work in mind I could approach. My wife gave me the OK but backed out when I wanted her to meet with the two I had selected and they had agreed. Best she agreed to was, to chat with them on her cell phone. From that conversation she thought Chuck H. sounds better then the other. At the office the next day, I had a detailed conversation with Chuck. He also agreed to supply nude fully erect photos, for my wife's approval. At home, again my wife surprised me by refusing to look at the photo I had on my Ipad. " Just have him come over and I will be ready." She replied.

The afternoon of the 16th day, I invited Chuck to come to our home on the next night after work. The next night, we had a light early dinner and it was time to get my wife's mind and body ready for our donor. We discussed what we thought would take place. How she would react. I wanted to ensure that she has adequate emotional and psychological support from me throughout the insemination process. I explained how our donor has already been coached by me. He knows what turns you on. I told her " I planned on giving one of my blue pills to him. I reminded her of our research, in that it is important for her - not to be stressed out. " I know. " She replied. Then I went and drew a hot bath for her. I used a couple of her bath beads in the hot water. When she came into the bathroom, she had a white towel wrapped about her and a glass of wine in her hand. Dropping the towel to the floor she pointed to the counter, " give me my razor then leave me soak alone for a bit. "

Twenty minutes later, the door bell rang. Our donor was just a few minutes early. I greeted him and had him sit on our love seat. " She will be right out shortly. " I said. It took a bit of convincing but he agreed to take one of my pills with a large glass of water. Maybe twenty minutes went by before my wife opened the bedroom door and called for me to come to her. In the bedroom she handed me a black silk tie. I want you to blindfold me and I want to keep it on till he has gone. No need to question her further. I know that tone in her voice. I placed the tie about her head and she took a position on the bed wearing nothing more then the blindfold and a red thong. " Go get him. I am ready. " She said.

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I videoed the whole process of insemination. Both seemed to be relaxed and were working well together. As requested, Chuck was being patient and gentle with her. Arousing her senses before reaching for her thong. She raised her legs allowing all her beauty to be exposed as he removed the thong. I focused on his stiffening cock and cum filled balls while he licked her clit. Maybe he will give us a boy baby. I held my breath as he got into position to enter her. Slowly his cock disappeared into her. I was breathing faster then normal as he seesawed into her. With each stroke going deeper and deeper. Then in a jackhammer motion, he worked her pussy. Her legs high above his back I focused on his heavy balls slapping against her ass. I can see her fertile mucus oozing out of her as Chuck's cock plunges deep inside of her. That was a good sign. With the sight, the sounds and the smell that filled the room, I knew both had finished almost together. Chuck had filled her pussy with his load and he stepped back leaving my wife lying on the bed.
Per the advice of her gynecologist, she is to lie flat out for 15 minutes after insemination. That worked out well. It gave our donor time to recycle. We want her pussy flooded with his hot cum.

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