My lover, my master makes all the decisions in our relationship.
No matter how small, so that I may be free from these pressures.
Without him being in control I am sure happiness would elude me.
I understand that the guidance and instructions given to me will have consequences if not followed to the letter.
In my case, those consequences can range from a spanking to being assigned chores that have to be completed in a certain time allotment.

I have demonstrated my willingness to make the commitment to him.
To be totally obedient and ready to accept the consequences and/or punishment that must accompany any straying from the very strict path he has set.
That is up to this past Thursday. Now I must question his intentions.

I know I am to have dinner ready, as he arrives home from work. I know if there is any delay, I will be punished.
In the past, my punishment has been with in reason and accepted, but not on Thursday.
After dinner and the dishes were washed he had a male friend come over.
With much humiliation I was stripped naked in front of his friend.
I was not allowed to move while his friend touched all of my lady parts.
Then I was ordered to fuck him.
Actually I had to fuck both of them under harsh lighting in front of our webcam.

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