This is a story about - Helen, Nick and me.
Our next store neighbor is a divorcee and a great guy. When I got laid off from my job, he got me into a warehouse job where he works. It is a non-union shop but they pay well and there is a chance for me to get off the night shift when a day shift opens up. The only down side is, it is about an hours drive to work. Coming home in the morning traffic, it takes much longer.

When I first started, I worked days for a two week break in, training period. Then I was sent to the night shift. At first Nick and I traveled separately in our own cars. It was his idea to alternate riding together. I would drive one week and he would drive the next week. Made sense to me. We took turns for a few weeks. When he drove, we would stop for breakfast at a Pilot Truck Stop. Each of us paying our own tab. I thought that was just bit expensive for my budget.

When it was my week to drive, we headed straight home. It was my girl's idea to have him come in for breakfast rather then stopping at the diner. For her to cook breakfast for one more wouldn't be a biggie. It worked out great. I got home sooner and it was cheaper. Helen almost always was up and dressed before I got home. Even when I drove to and from work. That allowed me to eat and head off to bed. Adding Nick to our routine didn't change our schedule. He would finish up his last cup of coffee and leave.

That was until last Tuesday morning. When he and I arrived at my place, Helen wasn't in the kitchen to greet us. I went looking for her and found her still in the shower. "Sorry, I over slept this morning. I'll be right out." she said through the shower door.

A few minutes later she entered the kitchen, "Good morning guys. " she said with a giggle. She was wearing just a silky white kimono. It was obvious she had little to nothing on, underneath it. The tie about her waist did nothing to hold the material together as she topped off our coffee cups. She cooked us a batch of eggs and with the frying pan in one hand, she served Nick. Then came to my side of the table, to dish out the rest of the eggs onto my plate. I ran my hand up the back of her thigh to her ass. Just to verify what I had expected. She was nude under the kimono. " What is this all about? " I asked. She only giggled and returned the frying pan to the stove. She poured herself a cup of coffee and joined us at the table. I could feel the sexual tension in the air. No one was talking. After what seem like a long silence, it was Nick who stood up and said, " I should be going. " "Why?" Helen responded. Helen stood up, pointing to the armed chair, she said," sit your ass down here for a few minutes." I just watched as she undressed him and started to suck on his cock.

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