Our trip to Harlem, NY with the sole purpose of finding a black dude to fuck my wife.
We did our home work and decided our best chance for success would be to visit the Shrine Bar on Clayton Powell Blvd. The drinks were reasonable for NYC. The entertainment was good. Lady E & Blacque Diamond was there that night.

My white wife was dressed in all white and we were seeking a black male with a good size cock. I paid a bit extra to get a table near to the band. As it worked out, we were just off to the left of the keyboard player. My wife did the flirting every time he looked her way. When his gaze turned towards me. I gave him a thumbs up sign with both hands.

On their first break, I asked if he could sit with us? He did. When his break was over, my wife asked if would come back to our table later. He did.

Some time during his second break, his hand rested on her bare thigh. With a smile and a wink to me, her hand checked out his crotch. With her free hand she gave me a thumbs up sign.

Both of us nursed only two beers the rest of the evening. Occasionally the wife would flash her white panties at him. In return she got a big smile from him. I am sure he noticed the big smile on my face each time that happened. We waited out side for him when his shift was over. His studio apartment wasn't that far away.

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