Freshman day at my coed-dorm.

I got married to my high school sweet heart just weeks after we graduated.
That marriage lasted two years and two months. I had a steady job. He did not!
I spent the next two years at various mean less jobs. I got accepted at MIT to pursue a bachelor degree.

I don't want to bore you with un-related facts so I'll get straight to the point of this posting.
Moving into the college dorm was no big deal for me. I was already use to sharing my living space. First with my husband then with a female roommate.
We shared the rent and other expenses. Being we were both straight neither had an interest of being intimate with one another.

MIT dorms are coed. Some are also gender-neutral. Not sure how I might adjust to living with the younger crowd?
I expect I would be two maybe three years older then the typical freshman.
I was a bit surprised that the bathrooms were public to all.
The showers have curtains and bathroom stalls have doors but everyone is in close proximity to the opposite sex students.
And, yes, some would strut around in their birthday suit. It appeared to me that "Nobody cared."

I was assigned a cozy little room with another female student, and we had two boys living next door. We didn't even see them that often.
My room mate liked to prop our door open so we had a view to the hallway. In the morning many would pass by to and from their room in robes or towels.
Her friends would stop to chat. It seemed to be a little nerve-wracking at first. I would be seen it my PJ's and no make-up, but, again, I got used to it.

She too was heterosexual. She admitted liking co-ed dorms because it's easier to accommodate sexy time with special friends.
She also offered to, magically disappear when I might have a "special friend" visiting.
Then she went on. "Do you know about freshman night"? No. I replied. The first Saturday night in this dorm, the females are encouraged to participate in their little initiation game.
Willing participants hang their panties on the outside door handle. That is the sign for an invite for sex.
We get to hook-up with one or more guys. Little if any conversation takes place.
"Are you going to do that?" I asked. "Oh - YES!" she replied. "And I'll be naked as a jay-bird." "Sounds like fun." I said.

Saturday night, 8:15 PM. My red panties hung on our door handle along with her black thong.
She sat at the window while I stood next to my bed. Both naked.
Our door opened and a naked guy entered. My roommate pointed to me and said, "she is first."
In silence, I turned and leaned across the side of my bed.

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