I know he loves me. I accept he is my Master.
I do try to please him in every way.
If I fail him, I need to be disciplined for my actions.

I have my own E-mail address so I can stay in touch with my family.
Of course he is allowed access to it, for I have nothing to hide.
Two days before my birthday, I received a "Happy Birthday" message form a past friend.
I thought it would be best to just delete it without a reply.
I was wrong for not telling him about it.

After two days of cold silence, I asked him to discipline me.
That evening, in complete silence, he drove to a country farmhouse.
Once there I was told to remove my panties and fetch my ID from my wallet.
Upon doing so with out question, his instructions were, "You will go inside. You'll hand over your ID, panties and follow their instructions. I will wait here for you to return.

I entered the enclosed porch and rang the door bell. A mature women greeted me at the door. Once inside, I offered my ID and panties to her. She pointed to a small table just to my left, "Put them on that table and come with me." She led the way to a very small bedroom. Inside she placed her hands on my upper arms and moved me to the side of the bed. "Remove your clothes." she ordered. Facing the bed with her standing behind me, I did that. The dim light went out as she tied a dark scarf over my eyes. I was pushed forward and onto the bed.
I didn't need to be told what position she wanted me to take. I also knew we were no longer alone in the room.

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