My live in girl friend cheated on me.

I found out my girlfriend has been cheating on me for about 3 months.
The foolish part is, I have suspected it for quit a while.
Every time I accused her, she would look me straight in my eyes and promise me that nothing was happening and that I should trust her.
It took me until just last week to finally decide to look at her phone when she was asleep and find the text messages to her baby daughter's father.
I felt stupid. Why didn't I decide to look at her phone earlier?
Her reasoning was that she was bored at home all day while I worked long hours.
I do get a lot of 'over-time' but the money is good.
I have told her, numerous times, "the one thing that would break us up was if she cheated on me".
Now, I find out she did it anyway, and in our own home.

I am sure she feared I would throw her and her daughter out.
Anyway, she says that she will do anything and everything to make it up to me.

The next night after work, I called her cell phone from the corner bar.
"Get naked!" I told her. "I am bring a friend home and he is going to fuck you."
I disconnected without waiting for her reply.

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