I am a white female seeking to hook up with a black male.

I relocated to Yonkers,NY about two year ago. Just off of Saw Mill Parkway.
I had an OK job with CYCC. I also had an inheritance from a close uncle.
I bought a little house on Cook Ave.

Growing up in a the small town of Berlin Vermont, the only place I saw people
who didn't look like me was on TV. Now they are out and about in the flesh and blood.
They sit next to me on the bus, stand in front of and behind me in grocery lines,
sold me a bongs in a seedy cigarette shops.

Some of these different-looking people are black men, and some of these black men
have attractive bodies and mysterious eyes.
Something in me not only wants to meet some of these black men, but also fuck them.
My current male friend told me I have "jungle fever".
And the only cure is to have sex with a black man.

That night, together we got on line and contacted a black male
who was advertised on a swinger's site. He was seeking single females
but I refuesed to do this alone. He offered to bring a female partner
with him but she is not into white males. My male friend was OK with that.
He be happy seeing me with a black stud.

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