My first threesome that wasn't.

I expect our video won't be exciting for most single males.
I know my story will be boring to them.
Female swingers who are looking for romance, it can happen.

Divorced and horney I did the night clubs.
After a few one night hook-ups, I met an younger guy who was a total disappointment sexually.
Nice guy but very shy. Maybe even scared of being with a woman.
I decide to try swinging. I took part as a single female.
My thought; By meeting up with swingers, might they be more experienced? The answer is, YES!

Swinging aka Fucking is consensual sex that is intense, aggressive and more about mind controling. As a swinger, my first few sexual experiences,
the power factor heightens the level of my excitement. Having my new partner take control, I found very rewarding.
Each of them put my body in different sexual positions that allowed them to perform new and familiar sex acts.
My sex drive thrived on newness, on the unexplored.

In time I was confronted with a request from one of my steadies, Chuck. He suggested I partner up with him for a MFM threesome.
He had a best male friend, Terry , non-swinger, single guy he would invite.
Together we have watched several porn videos so I knew what my roll would be and what to expect.
Many men I have hooked up with have use porn as an educational tool. Now, I am guilty of doing the same.

Our date night was set up. Both males agreed we would meet for drinks just to get acquainted.
If all went well, we would get together on another night.
I guess that would be because, Terry was a non-swinger.

I won't bore you with the details of the meeting. In short, Terry and I got along well.
We had many interest in common.
He made me laugh. I didn't feel vulnerable.
As I listen to him his eyes focused on mine. I found myself getting sexually excited.
I had two drinks in the two hour meeting. Terry had one. Chuck, well he shouldn't be driving home tonight.

I glanced at my wrist watch. Nine thirty. "It is getting late. Would you like to have coffee at my place?" I asked. Tossing my head towards Chuck, "He can't drive!"
I held my breath waiting for Terry's reply.
"Yes." he replied.
Driving back to my apartment, I suggested to Chuck, that he should video me tonight. Make our own porn.
My reason were purely selfish. I wanted some alone time with Terry.

Back at my apartment, Chuck went straight to the bedroom..
Terry took me into his arms and kissed me.
I whispered, "We need to follow Chuck." As we walked to the bedroom hand in hand,
I could hear that Chuck had turned on the my favorite music.
Standing next to the bed. Terry wrapped his arms about my waist and held me close to him.
He was very patient with me. He didn't rush to get his cock into me. I just didn't feel he was only interest in another conquest. All my barries faded away as he worked upon the buttons of my blouse. His touch upon my breast excited me. My nipples, especially the left one seemed to be connected directly to my clit. I felt the need to return the feelings he was giving to me. His slow movements and soft voice made me feel safe. A long kiss proceeded guiding me to sit on the bed.

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Love making is slow, sensual, not goal oriented. This type of love making is truly an art.
Making love is about having the proper attitude and knowing how to use your erection as an instrument of romantic expression.
Making love lasts longer then a few minutes, and it takes into consideration the person you're with.
Men make Love when they are all giving and cherish the woman they're with.
Women return the love when they're able to receive, be available, and respect the man they're with.

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