Ally does the videographer & sound technician.

Making an adult video for fun and profit.
Our aim isn't to get everyone to buy our video. We want to focus on people that enjoy our type of porn.
We do want to get the word out to as many people as we can.
We can't use public social media sites. We have family members that just won't approve.

We are posting this 'test video' on to see if we have a chance to make some sales before investing in the business aspects.

We looked into hiring a videographer in Albany but their salaries are to high.
Alley negoiated a deal with a married guy who agreed to do the work at no cost.
She agreed that both he and his sound technician would leave sexually satisfied.

The audio on this test video has been muted. The verbal directions from the videographer made the clip very distracting to you the viewers.

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