Carla Ross  New City, NY 10956.

These are the photos I have used for publication in several swing magazines.

I didn't want my friends to know I had to resort to the personals to find sex. Therefore I did not allow my face to be in the photos. Was that foolish? Many of my friends, knew me well enough to know my body and recognized me right away.
From the magazine ads, I received many replies. I wouldn't even answer a letter if the guy didn't have balls enough to use his full real name. Hell, If that's the kind of sex he was into, he could get that off of the street any night. I got replies from guys who lived on the West Coast. "Send me your nude photo and come visit me here." they would write. I got replies from guys who wanted phone sex, my panties and other 'very personal' items. The local guys would send me a photo of their cock and say, "lets meet for dinner or coffee." I don't think so, I would reply. "I don't do short bald headed guys," and returned his photo.

I was seeking some friends to hang out with for great sex. Most guys would try to take over my love life and control me. A sex-slave to him alone.
PICS # 2

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