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  I walk into the lounge and sit down at the bar. I order a double vodka tonic, I am going to need it! I am extremely nervous and anxious. I am on my 2nd double vodka when you walk in. You look relaxed and comfortable. You come over and give me a gentle hug and kiss, you know I am nervous. We sit and chat and I begin to relax myself, the vodka is starting to work. You excuse yourself for a moment, the bar is not too crowded just enough people so that no one person stands out then he walks in!
  He is taller then most guys. He walks over to me right away and introduces himself, he takes my hand gently and I realize how big his hands are. He sits on one side of me and we begin to talk, he seems relaxed but I think he is a little nervous too. He is clean-shaven and has a nice smile. He smells great.
  You return from the restroom and the two of you shake hands then sit next to me, one on each side. We continue to chat. Just small talk. I flirt with both of you without worrying about making the other one jealous. How nice is that? We decide it is time to go to your apartment.
  Your apartment is on the first floor, right hand side. It seems to be the right size for a single guy. The bedroom has one full size bed. You lead to the bottom right side of the bed. I am feeling nervous again. You both try to make me comfortable. He walks over to the dresser and shows me a webcam set up. You kiss me on the mouth. I kiss you back and start to relax, then I feel his hands on me too, he is rubbing my shoulders and playing with my hair, I tense up but just for a moment. He pulls my hair up from my neck and starts to kiss the back of my neck, I get chills! It feels so good to have 2 men touching me everywhere.
  He slowly takes my thin jacket from my shoulders, I am wearing a spaghetti strap tank top, you gaze down at my nipples showing through the thin material. You cup one breast in your hand and gently massage it and twirl the nipple between your fingers. I can feel the hardness of you pressing against me. I can feel his hardness pressing against my ass. You finally step back and push my skirt off of my hips, I am wearing black nylons, a thong and nothing else. My pussy is shaved on the sides and on the lips. I step out of the skirt and follow your instructions to "get on the bed." You kneel on the edge and spread my ankles far apart. You bury your face between my thights and you flick your tongue across my thong covered pussy.
   The video below will tell you about the rest of the evening.

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