TA Truck stop and motel.
Riverside Drive
Fultonville,NY 12072

We attended our first swingers house party about two months ago. There I realized, I enjoyed seeing my wife with another guy. Even more so then having a full swap with another couple. The very next week I started to plotted and schemed how we could have a private threesome. I bounced some ideas off of Carrie but she was not very keen with me being a voyeur.
One afternoon, while driving home, we got slowed down at the entrance of a Pilot Truck & Auto gas stop. Several big rigs were in front of us, making the turn off of the highway. Pointing to all the parked trucks I said to Carrie, " there is a place full of horny guys far away from home." She didn't reply. My mind raced. How could I make our threesome fantasy a reality with an over the road trucker? I have gone pass the truck stop in Amsterdam several time. There they have a restaurant and a motel. Could I get Carrie to agree?
I took another two weeks to get Carrie on board with the idea. In the mean time, I was on line trying to connect with truckers. That was just a waste of time. Once Carrie had agreed, I knew I had to do something fast, before she changed her mind. I told her to keep Thursday afternoon and evening free. I had something in the works and I am just waiting for confirmation. Problem was, I had come up empty. None of the guys who I had seen on the internet matched up with what I had in mind. Most were just to fat.
On Thursday, I told Carrie we were going to check into a motel room and entertain another guy there. I added, being we are new at this, we'll just play it by ear.
We arrived at the truck stop about 6:pm. I was so horny. I was ready to screw my wife there even if we couldn't find a trucker to join us. I had Carrie, doubled park and sit in the car while I checked in.
Back outside, with the key in my hand, I motioned to Carrie to follow me to the room.
The room was your basic motel class room. Clean and neat. Carrie settled into one of the chairs and opened the bottle of wine we had brought with us. "Now what?" she asked. I lied and told her, " I am to go to the restaurant and meet the guy I spoke to on-line."
I walked into the dining area and looked around. I immediately noticed a thin, but somewhat muscular guy who looked OK for what I had planned. I grabbed a table and chair next to his after picking up something light to eat. I was nervous, but too horny to be bashful now. I spoke out, "excuse me." He looked my way. "Hey, do you mind if I ask you a question?" I asked, interrupting his television watching. I didn't wait long enough for him to answer, just long enough for him to look my way. I asked, "You drive one of these big rigs, right?" "Yeah." "My wife's always wondered why you guys always turn your lights on and off when you see each other. Is there a secret code or something," I asked. "She's always had a thing for truckers, you know." He seemed happy as could be to explain how truckers make sure the lane is clear when another trucker turns on his turn signal. It turned out his name was J.T. My wife , Carrie is in our room waiting for me to return. I think he would have been happy to talk about anything in the world but I wanted to talk about Carrie. Like I said, I was too horny to be bashful, so I just laid it out for him. I figured the sooner he said yes or no was the sooner I was going to get to fuck my wife. It had been a long, sexless week.
I'm not sure who was more surprised when J.T. said, "Shit yeah," to my suggestion. J.T. made it clear that he wasn't into guys. He is straight! That was perfect by me. I would wait for him to finish then I'll fuck my wife too. We exchanged cell phone numbers, and I told him I will call him to our room in about 30 minutes.

I returned to our room. Carrie was sitting at our laptop and had a full glass of wine in her hand. Glancing at the bottle, it looks like she had more then a couple of drinks from it. I kissed her on the forehead and told her we are all set. That is when she said there is a change of plans. I am going to fuck your friend but you will wait outside of the room. I have the webcam set up to tape us. Have your friend come in, fuck me and leave. It is my way or no way! You can view the recording after he is gone. I agreed, and made the phone call. I met "JT" in the hallway, outside our room. I explain what Carrie wanted but couldn't tell him much more. I handed him the key to the room and walked away.

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