It is true. I am obsessed.

I love sucking a cock. Rarely can I take my mind off of it.
At home, at work and even riding the bus to and from work.

My girlfriend laughs at me, when we talk about guys.
She is into sticking around with steady guys who she fucks
after a date and leaves in the morning.

One of her boyfriends, set up this surprise party for me.
I knew it was going to be a sex party. I was told to bring my sexiest lingerie. I got to my girlfriend's apartment early. The three of us opened a bottle of zinfandel.

I think about a hour or so later, the door bell rang. Her boyfriend got up to answer the door. At the same time my girlfriend picked up my overnight bag and said, "follow me." She lead me to a small sewing room. There she told me I should change into my lingerie and wait till I was called.

Left alone with the door closed, I did as she asked.
I no sooner had changed and hung my street clothes up, did she retrun. "Ready hon?" she asked with her hand extended out. "I sure am." I said taking her hand. I could hear the loud music as we walked through the kitchen area. " Do a little dance - make a little love." she said with a smile. Three naked guys waved me toward the bed from the far side of the room.

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