We are into Friday, late afternoon, playtime with single males.
We prefer cheap motels that have a room entrance directly off the parking lot.
She doesn't like walking past the desk clerks to get to the rooms.

My name is Miki. Growing up as a girl in Hochi Minh City was difficult.

My father was very traditional and wanted me to focus on becoming more feminine so I could attract a husband. But I was a tomboy. Prefer to hang out with my older brothers. Given my circumstances, at nineteen I place a personal ad for American men on an international marriage brokerage website. I knew that I wanted to become a U.S. citizen someday. I read how in America women could achieve anything. I pictured myself being a successful, professional woman living and working in America. That is how I met Paul. Living in upstate New York took some getting use to. Paul is strong, a bit dominate and set in his ways. I was commented to making him happy no matter what he might ask of me. Sharing me with another man, seemed odd when he first mentioned it to me. Little did I know then, how much I would enjoy making him happy.

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Saturday night, Miki and I attended one of the Alexa4Fun.com parties at a Latham motel.
  The party its self was a bit boring. That is until, Miki invited two guys to our motel room. Miki in a sandwich.