Mickey here,
Light brown/blonde hair with green eyes. 40DDD's
I am a proud BBW. Not at all skinny but concerned about my appearance.
I take care of myself in every way.
I love to laugh and have fun.

I am in control of every aspect of my life. Seeking someone to take control of me in the bedroom.
I like dirty talk, being told what to do and how to do it. I love verbal feedback during sex.
Hopefully you like giving oral but also like receiving it. Would you share me with your male friend(s)?
I have done, MFM with DP, Events with 5-6 guys plus 2 women, and group sex.
Always seeking females that are will to participate with my male partner FMF.
I would not object to couple on couple if all are present in the same room. I guess I am open to just about anything.

I am not into pain. Cleanliness is a must. I expect my lovers to be freshly showered. Diseased and drug free. I am not interested in drunks.
If you need to get drunk to have fun, best you drink and have sex alone.

If you are somewhat dominant, willing to own me and tell me what to do, leave me a mickey message.

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