We are thinking about meeting with a single male socially for a drink or two. My interest is to give my girlfriend an erotic experience that can last longer then what I can do with her alone. More then twenty to thirty minutes.
So far she has accepted the idea of being the center of attention while she receives an oil massage from the two of us. I believe once she is confidant, trusting and turned on, she will allow both of us to make love to her.

What follows, is all my thoughts and ideas. The perfect erotic experience that will commence with one or both of us undressing her, then conclude in a threesome. I take her hand and position her in the center of the bed. I motion our invited guest to her right side while I kneel on her left.

1. Initial Touch: The first few touches we make should be long, lingering and purposeful. Covering her shoulders to the small of her back. Following the natural contours of her body. The silicone lotion is warm and that gets her skin warmed up. Now using just our fingertips we trace the contours of her sides. Moving from her hips to her breast. She enjoys a soft touching and will allow us to move our touch from one area of her body to another. This works especially well on her shoulders, back, sides and down over her ass to her thighs.

2. Getting Intimate: My hope is the massage will lead to something intimate. I have our guest move to her thighs. I lean over and whisper in my girls ear, "spread your ankles apart." Without any encouragement, our guest finds her pussy. Massaging and probing, I hear a hiss and a moan escape from my girl. I suggest she rolls over onto her back. To my excitement, not only does she roll onto her back but she chooses a wishbone position. Her breast offered to my touch. Her pussy offered to our guest.

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