Yes, I am also in a committed relationship with Josh, but my fantasy is to explore another woman body. I watch girl on girl porn, but it is definitely not enough to satisfy my desire to be with a woman. I just feel that I would know exactly where to touch her, because I know what turns me on. But, I just could not ever tell my boyfriend that I want to pretty much cheat on him with a woman.

I have known Laura for about a year and a half. We met at a "Hot Yoga Spa" in Clifton Park. We both experience the exercise high when working out and exposure to high heat. For me, it is like going into a sauna with several almost nude women. It actual has a positive effects in my brain.

After working out she and I would go to a coffee shop, just to chat. It is My Bad, in that I spend more time thinking what it might be like to sleep with her then I do listening to her conversation.
I know there are girls who are totally straight but will laugh and joke about being with a woman.
Then too, there are the bi girls who don't know they are bi who give off the connection vibe without meaning to. They are attracted to you, but won't admit it to themselves. If Laura is one of them Who knows, I could be the one to pull her out of the closet.

At one of our luncheons, Laura asked me out of the blue, if my boyfriend and I we 420 friendly. Seems she had scored some good stuff but didn't enjoy smoking alone. "Of course." I replied. Our conversation then took a turn. Laura admitted she would indulged before having sex. Then in great detail, she recounted how her and her "X" would get high and got into kinky sex. I quickly picked up my phone and texted Josh. "Are you home and do you want company?"

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