First date hook-up. Get laid date!

Unlike most women I know, I am one who thinks it is silly to wait for the third or fourth date to hook-up.

  Think about it. Most of us get ready for the first date in the same manner. We shower and wax.
We apply moisturizing lotions to our bodies. We polish our toenails and our fingernails. We style our hair and apply our makeup.
Now at this point, we may differ. Choosing what to wear and what not to wear?

  Let me first explain, I always select where the first date will take place.
I have a bowling alley within walking distance of my apartment. Inside it has a bar area with several tables and three booths.
The booths are located in the back corners away from the harsh lighting and noise of the actual bar.
By being a frequent patron, I am well known by the owners, managers and bartenders. That is a good thing for my safety.
Another reason I select this place is, if my date gets boring and I lose interest, I can suggest we bowl a few games.
That gets me away from the intimate setting without just ending the date.

  Back to selecting your best ensemble. I don't need to spend a lot of money on clothing.
I do want to be the iconic slender female, servile and ready to be defiled under my fitted dress.
Being these are always first dates, my mini red dress and white heels work well for my intentions to hook up.
Even if I end the date just bowling a couple of games.
I do like the attention I get wearing my sexed up dress. Inviting anyone who looks to approach with an offer.

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Four weeks later.

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