I have a NSA friend/lover who allows me to be my own person. Could it be because, he is married and he is living here on campus without her?
Here is my story:

During my freshman and sophomore years I considered myself as a heterosexual "straight." I obviously had several co-eds to select from and seemed content.
In my junior year I experminted with pot and got into a homo relationship with my roommate. She was taller then I with a dominating personality. After she grauated, I tried hanging out with a lesbian but she refused to understand why, when I told her I enjoy dating a man. She was right. I must be truly a bisexual.
Hanging out with the guys wasn't all that pleasant. Why is it that my being bisexuals seems to bring out insecurities in every guy I have a relationship with? At that time in my life, it was up-setting to have to choose what I wanted to be. How could I ever be satisfied with just one person,if I have bisexual fantasies?

As a senior, in my dorm, most expect me to pick whether I like men or women, when in reality I am attracted to both equally.

After graduation, I decide to look outside of the campus life for compatiable partners. I got discouraged with the different dating sites. Both singles and couples state in their profile - " She is bi curious." Are they not sure whether they are, bisexual enough to call themselves bisexual? Of course there are couples who advertise she is bi or bi-curious. In reality she is bi-selfish. The female is willing to accept pleasure and/or sexual gratification from me but will not fully reciprocate. Does this make sense to anyone reading this?

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