April & Jim
We have been married for several years.
In our monogamous marriage we have enjoyed kinky sex and defined role playing. My husband is erotically dominant. While I desire to be submissive in the bedroom, and sometimes outside of the bedroom, but only to him.
This has been, mutually beneficial, consensual, exciting, and very satisfying. Over the last few months, I logged my dreams, fantasies and thoughts in a diary book. I give a detailed scenario from start to ending. I keep that wish list handy and easily accesable to my husband. I admit, I forget what I have put on the wish list more often than not, but the point isn't that I remember. The point is for my husband to read it. Asking for what I want and how I want it, is always better than assuming he will know and magically provide it for me. In most cases, he will select an item and we will discuss it. How exactly I will submit and what role he should play. With lots of inhibition, I entered a simple twelve word item.

"I agree to be sexually submissive to another male of your choice."

We are now seeking a single male to join us and take part in her fanasty!
Before you leave send us a message.

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