This video is based upon a popular novel..

Female escorts, 'sex workers' are women who have a lot of sexual power over older males.
As an escort, I get to pick and choose who to be with in a manner that is sexually satisfying for both of us.
It's a very different experience than what is depicted in the media under the head lines of prostitutes.
Prostitution is all about the money. "Do them fast, get the money and move onto the next."
They can be an unattractive heavy woman over 50, and there are still lots of guys out there who will pay them to
have sex with them. I have talked to guys who have paid to have sex with someone who they would turn down in a bar for free.

As an escort, I am into the older male clients. They have more disposal income.
Tend to be married with children and highly expect discretion.
In short 'they don't want their darker side to be exposed.'
Before accepting a date, I have extensive "get to know me" conversation with them.
If acceptable to me, I can be the type of gal they are seeking.
All my dates must start out in a public place. Dinner and wine works well for me.
If the client wishes a third party to join in, they too must arrive before the dinner dates ends.

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