Web sites for couples and singles on Charldine.com.

Let me first explain. As a swingers club located just west of Albany, NY, we come in contact with a lot of real couples and singles that are already swinging or they have an interest in swinging. In person or on line, we discuss their fantasies and their limits. If all agree, we offer them some form of service for a fee. In this way we are sure we have only consenting adults and legal content on our web pages. These sites are open to the public and are NOT intended to be representative of current members of the Charldine Club.

Those who are established in their employment and confidant in their sexuality submit the pages, photos and stories. Some are in fact ready to meet you in person. Others enjoy sharing their sexuality for fun and profit with out physically meeting. The fees requested on their web sites are divided in partnership with Charldine.com. You help off set their cost of the web site.

This form of contact has become very popular with swingers and those who want to be swingers. Our policy is to sell you the edited pages and photos as you request them. They are available to you today and maybe deleted by the authors tomorrow. That is the reason we do not sell a monthly subscription to our site, as other web site would offer.

Charldine Club [International]

AKA "CCI"   CCI is a private membership club. Established in 1978. Information on the CCI site is divided between the general public (open to all adults) and to the private current members of CCI. The majority of real swingers will never allow their photos to be published to the Internet, for their family, co-workers and friends to view. The active current members of CCI have access to the secure areas.

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