Our focus: Sexual contact with friends.

It all starts HERE.
As full members of CCI.
Membership is open to Couples, females and males.

We are NOT a Social Dance club,
hosting events in the eyes of the public.
For your security and discretion
we ARE a private membership club.

Current members- Login.

Not all swingers are members of CCI, yet.
But all members are real swingers!

Most join our group for the excitement and fun of swinging. (Sexual contact.)
To their surprise they admit finding much more. They experienced real intimacy and sensuality. They achieved this with a gradual staged program worked out within the group. Issues of awareness, technique, capability, confidence and self-esteem, are resolved. Individuals with suppressed backgrounds may request assistance to over come timidness, shyness or just plain sexual ignorance. Current members understand that swinging is a form of adult entertainment.
Not all swingers are members yet. But all the members are swingers
We accept adults of consensual legal age. They are committed to explore and develop their sexuality. They demonstrate a willingness to receive as well as to give both, in private and while participating in our on premises parties.
Swingers join CCI to meet other swingers. "Sexual contact with friends."
Who they don't meet is just as important. Security and discretion is first and for most on our list.
We do not expose our current members to anonymous charlatans who may have a social or sexual problem that keeps them from using their full name on our membership request forms.  Once accepted the current members will accept you by your first name and a club serial number only.
Swinging is an honest, legitimate activity and the people pay to join CCI to socialize and learn with other swingers. They are not paying for sex or to watch people having sex.

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