CHARLDINE CLUB [International]

Located west of Albany, New York Route I-90 & I-88.

Dear Friends,

We are happy you dropped into our clubs site. CCI established as a swing club in 1978. On-line as of Aug 26, 1996. We are your gateway to the international population of swingers. This letter, is a brief explanation of our operating procedures. The information given at this point has been carefully thought through. As a club operator, I need to attract new members while maintaining a degree of discretion for the current members. Some living right in your area. You may have anonymously called out to one or more of our current members. Understandably, they will be hesitant to reply to you. What if you already personally know them socially or professionally? We are all safer with in the click of members. Don't be upset with them, if they choose not to wander beyond their safe circle of friends. You may choose not to join CCI and I expect them to respect that choice as well.

People who swing are seeking a place of acceptance. A place that is safe from the eyes of the public. A place that is exclusively available to them and others who share the same philosophy on sexual openness. That place does exist here at CCI.   Other groups would have you walk through a public lobby of a well-known motel with the risk of being recognized by the public or staff. We understand and expect new comers to fear the un-known. As club operators Marie and I alleviate those fears by conducting pre party forums for all. After membership is granted, our role is to act as your personal agents. To create a bridge that will allow you to contact those who discreetly want to meet swingers. There is a fine line between curiosity seekers and novice swingers. We screen for couples and singles who want to cross that line. You'll find the majority of members to be couples seeking couples. New single female members will find a large population of single male members seeking to couple up with them in a non-controlling relationship. That leave several single male members discouraged and waiting to be wanted. "Married and swinging alone?" You are not a couple and you are not a single but some place in the middle. Not much hope for you to be successful in this life style. As a married male, you may start with us by requesting a private pre membership forum but after your first term of membership you will need to find a steady partner.

Adults, wanting to swing, pay us a fee to be introduced discreetly to others who are already in the life-style. "Life-style," I hate to use that term. In fact swinging is just another form of adult entertainment. Something you do occasionally. All swingers have some degree of respectable limits. How well they do as swingers, is in direct relationship between their own desirability and the degree of acceptance they have for others. Acceptance or rejection by another swinger is tolerable to all. CCI caters to an international population without prejudice.

Private encounters. Sure we host on-premises parties but we are not just a party-house. Many swingers are not ready, at this time, to attend large parties. They feel a private encounter to fulfill some fantasies, would be a better way to break the ice. One on one, couple/couple or maybe a threesome would fulfill their immediate needs. On non scheduled general party days, we allow members to meet here at the club house to use our bedrooms rather then meeting in a motel room.

We are and must be a private membership club. I'm not going to put my current members on display to see if you are going to like it. I'm sure you wouldn't allow me to use you for advertisement. Membership is open to Couples, Females and Males. We ask the single-male members to pay the couples' prices. This policy allows us to for go the Party fee for a single-female. Only members are allowed to participate in any of our on-premises activities. We do not have a 'guest policy.' You'll find the membership- forms and fees on our home page.

We are not open on Sundays. Most of our weekday parties are "open to all current members." We do balance our Saturday night parties with an acceptable ratio of couples, females and males "3some parties" (ratio= No more then two males to one female.) Every female member who will attend the Saturday night party may choose to sponsor two male members. If she is half of a couple it is assumed she'll sponsor her mate as "one" leaving her with the option to sponsor a second male member. Some female members may choose to sponsor only one male member.

Private special theme parties are hosted on off scheduled party days by one or more current members. Example: Bi-sexual females with their invited male partners.

Personal message from the - owner & operator.
I can't please everyone. I started swinging as a couple in 1965. Marie and I have been serving swingers as a club for many years. Some would disagree with my policies while others have been rejected from our group. I would prefer that all potential members, follow the educational approach before they make application to join us. Do a search in your favorite search engine. Key word 'Charldine Club'.
In one of the Yahoo groups, it has been said, "Ken is a old, toothless male who wants to do your wife first." That is not true. I still have my teeth. No one needs to do the club operator to gain membership in CCI.. but if she is attractive, why not ask?
The rules apply to me as well: 1. Not to touch another member without their expressed permission.
2. I'll accept No thanks - as meaning, not interested in any contact at this party.
I will not ask that member again for the duration of the party.

Everything you need to know about CCI is on our web site. The more personal items and questions are discussed at the adult forum. We'll be here when you are ready to meet and talk in person.

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